The Need of Exterminator for Uncommon Pests at Your House

Unusual Pests Found at Home!

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, and rats are all common pests. Because of the filth, diseases, and damage they cause in our lives, these pests are at the top of many people’s minds. However, with so many pest species identified scientifically, there may be some that appear in your system without being identified and might need the help of an exterminator. This article will discuss some of the unusual pests that we encounter at home.


Not all black, tiny spots are dirt and grime; rather, they are indications of a pest infestation or actual pests lurking around that we cannot identify. Booklice are small black dots that can be found on the walls of your bedroom, bathroom, cabinets, and closets. However, it is the high humidity in the home that causes book lice to appear, not the presence of books. This encourages moisture, mold, and mildew, which bacteria feed on. Bird mites are another species that are attracted to moisture in the same way that booklice are. It is advisable to purchase a good dehumidifier and to properly ventilate your home.


Silverfish, as their name implies, are shiny and silver in color and prefer to forage at night. They are not biting pests that spread diseases, but their shed skin may cause allergies in some people. They have fewer food preferences, and, in addition to natural ingredients such as sugar and starches, they feed on wallpaper, books, and cardboard. Tiny holes in your clothing, books, papers, and upholstery are common signs of a silverfish infestation. You’ll notice them in places like the bathroom and kitchen where the air is warm and humid.


Although they resemble mosquitoes in appearance, they are non-biting insects known as chironomids. Their reproduction process is similar in that they lay their eggs in water. If you notice a swarm of “mosquito-like” insects on your car screens or windows, they could be midges that have been blown and carried from their source. Examples include reservoirs, ponds, lakes, rivers, drains, and even within homes and corridors. While most midges are harmless, other midge-biting species known as sand flies bite and suck blood, but they do not transmit diseases like dengue fever.

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