The Bees That Require a Bee Control Expert

Bees That Need to Be Controlled

A bee infestation on your property is not only an annoyance but also a danger to your employees and clients, and it may even scare off potential consumers and damage your well-deserved reputation. Although bees are typically calm, they have been known to swarm at specific periods of the year and sting to protect their hives from potential dangers. Identification of the kind of bee is first required if you have a beehive or nest on your property that you would like to have removed. If you are not completely confident about the species of bee you have, it is better to consult a bee expert. Call a bee control company if you encountered these kinds of bees.

Carpenter Bees

Resemble bumblebees in appearance, but differ in having smooth abdomens. These bees fly around to intimidate but very rarely sting because they live alone. Carpenter bees can harm wooden structures near your home because they drill into wood to lay their eggs. The bees themselves or the sizable oval-shaped holes they create in wood are frequently visible.

Honey Bees

One of the most widespread bees. They are golden, black, and thin. Although honey bees will protect their colonies, the ecology also depends on them. Honey bee removal requires specific precautions and permits in some locations.

Africanized Honey Bees

Similar to honey bees, but without aggressiveness. Any threat that Africanized honey bees perceive as being serious will be attacked. In addition, they will protect a bigger region than typical honey bees and chase dangers for a longer period of time. They launch mass attacks and physically try to sting any threat to their nests to die. The best course of action is to flee rapidly for cover and seek medical assistance for stings if you come across Africanized honey bees.


Bees with long hair that you often see flying around flowers. They don’t even have stingers, and they dig their nests underground. They can bite, though, if they feel threatened.

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