Hiring a Bug Exterminating Service to Remove Christmas Tree Pest

Prevent Common Christmas Tree Pest

There’s nothing quite like the fragrant real-tree aroma to brighten your home over the holidays like a colorful, decorated Christmas tree. No one likes winter bugs in their Christmas tree, regardless of whether they love the classic design or the tinsel kind. Insects of many kinds, from Balsam Fir to Pine trees, feed on or hibernate in the common Christmas tree varieties. There’s a chance that a real Christmas tree you choose has bugs living in its limbs. This implies that you could host them in your home during the holidays. Putting pests on the naughty list is advised by a bug exterminating service.

Inspect Before You Buy

Before you purchase and bring home a Christmas tree, it is the best time to prevent common pests. Examine the tree thoroughly as you gaze at it, whether on the lot or in the wild. Search the branches for any active wildlife or bird nests. If you locate any, get rid of them or choose another tree. Then, search for evidence of lesser pests. The tree’s branches and needles may exhibit white flocking from adelgids, tiny aphid-like insects, and brown, walnut-sized egg sacs from larger insects like praying mantises.

Common Christmas Tree Pests

Scale insects, spiders, mites, parasites, and bark beetles are the most frequent pests seen on living Christmas trees. Evergreen tree fluids are a favorite food source for pine bark adelgids, aphids, psocids, and scale insects. If bark insects are present, you might see holes dug into the tree’s trunk. Those bird mites and parasites, including some that can be harmful to people, may still be present in trees that once served as a home to wildlife nests.

Treating Christmas Tree Pests

So you chose a tree and double-checked it, but you still found bugs? Our team has your back. First, a word of caution: never spray an aerosol insecticide on a live Christmas tree. These mixtures should never touch an electrically lit tree since they are extremely strong and explosive. The majority of insects that you can bring inside with a live Christmas tree are not adapted for indoor survival.

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